• Events & Meetups

    Spark Festival

    6pm Tuesday October 30th, 2018

    Spark Festival event in Manly on October 30 - Road-test your business idea. Click here to register


    Everyone has at least one business idea they'd love to try, and many people keep that idea to themselves and end up never exploring whether it might have worked. Now you can use the Manly Innovation Hub Idea-fest to road-test your idea and gain valuable insights.

    Meetup #2

    6pm Wednesday September 4th, 2018

    Meetup #1

    6pm Wednesday August 8th, 2018


    1. meet MIH supporters F2F - great for MIH supporters to meet each other and hear a quick summary of your interest in MIH

    2. share my broad vision for MIH

    3. hear your views on the goals for MIH

    4. discuss finding a corporate sponsor/s (essential to MIH launching)

    5. what's the MIH commercial model - baseline is that I believe MIH has to be a Not-For-Profit - I can explain my logic when we meet

    6. location/offices - obviously a key issue, however only if we can secure a sponsor

    7. all other issues

    a. Foundation MIH supporters

    b. Advisory Board

    c. should the name change?

    d. MIH Plan B, i.e. what happens if sponsor/s can't be found


    Here are the meeting notes thanks to James Archer and Paul Reid