• Programmes

    Whether you're 16 or 66, now is the time for you to envision disruptive innovation to take root and prosper in our Northern Beaches economy. The next generation of change agents can leverage more tools, skills and abilities to achieve social and market transformation, but only if we invest in the human capital that drives innovation that will in turn deliver lasting positive impacts to our economy.

    Greg Twemlow, Founder, Manly Innovation Hub

    StartUp Weekend/Hackathon

    Focus is on a theme, social problem or vertical market

    Follows the proven format of StartUp Weekend and Hackathons commencing Friday evening and concluding Sunday night.

    Venture Accelerator

    The core offering

    A 12 week programme designed for startups that are characterized by an ability to scale (globally) and whose commercial potential is attractive to investors (angel and VC). Note: MIH does not have a role in assisting people to start lifestyle businesses.

    Female Founders Accelerator

    Enabling women across the globe to have the same opportunities as men

    The core programme specifically for teams led by female Founders and for mothers who have been out of the workforce for some years and want or need to go back to working life.

    Youth Accelerator

    Compressed timeframe

    Similar to the core programme, however runs over a compressed timeframe of 6 weeks and designed for people 16-25. Generally will run separately for High School (16-19) and University students (20-24).

    Over 50s Accelerator

    Structured for entrepreneurs over the age of 50

    The core programme specifically tailored for the over 50s demographic.

    Diversity Accelerator

    Structured to focus on New Immigrants* to Australia

    A completely tailored programme that focuses on working with immigrants* who have been in Australia for less than 5 years and for who English is their second language.

    Corporate Accelerator

    A structured process to capture corporate innovation

    The core programme delivered inside a corporation or government entity. Starts with a process to uncover ideas from your staff for disruptive products and services. The best of these ideas are then applied in the Core programme to rapidly build, test, validate and experiment with new approaches and technologies.

    Social Responsibility Accelerator

    Structured for a corporate sponsor's specific objectives

    The programme for people who envision how our region could be made even better with a focus on social responsibility.