• Services

    MIH works with startups, corporations, government agencies and academia to innovate and enhance their offerings

    Startup Weekend

    Designed to identify commercial feasibility. Typically around 100 people and 20 ideas that are reduced to 10 with the final session being teams pitching their ideas.

    Design Sprint

    Delivered over 5 working days, using multi-disciplinary teams (of around 7-8 team members) with the aim to develop and test a solution concept to a specific business problem.

    Innovation Bootcamp

    3 working days, rapid training environment (for up to 30 staff) with the aim to bring everyone up to speed on common innovation methodologies, techniques and tools.

    Crowdsourcing Competition

    Crowdsourcing competition is typically done as an innovation challenge that is open to the public (external) or to all staff (internal). The competition aims to tap into the “wisdom of the crowd” to find interesting approaches, ideas and concepts to a given problem / opportunity (or set of problems / opportunities).